A school routine for the children of Obo, CAR
17-04-2017 | di COOPI

A school routine for the children of Obo, CAR

In December 2016, thanks to the funding of UNICEF, COOPI implemented a project for emergency education for vulnerable children in Obo, in the Central African Republic. Not only are there the local children that live in Obo, but also many refugee children from Sudan, due to the conflicts that have stricken their Country. Additionally to the safe spaces where children can carry out formative and recreational activities, COOPI is occupied in offering everything they need to participate at an educational program, appropriate to their circumstances.

Schools are not just made of classrooms

First of all, in co-operation with the regional school inspection, COOPI has been tasked with identifying and training 21 teachers. The purpose of the training was to reinforce their pedagogical skills for retraining courses, held in specifically created learning centres. As a second measure, two educational committees have been set up - each of them constituted by 15 members - to ensure the continuation of the project's educational activities. Finally, COOPI has provided educational material for 1.790 children of the project.

Finding normality again

«This project has had the merit of allowing South Sudanese refugee children, who for more than 9 months couldn't go to school, to take part in educational activities», declares Lucien Amani, COOPI's project leader. «I am pleased with our work and I am delighted that thanks to these activities, hundreds of children will have the opportunity to regain normality in their lives after so much suffering».