What We Do

Education in Emergency. Children come first in Bria

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Communities in Upper Kotto prefecture have suffered from an unprecedented military and humanitarian crisis following clashes such as those of 21 November 2016 between armed groups that split communities who previously lived in peace.

To restore the social fabric of communities, we are offering an integrated humanitarian support to the most vulnerable girls and women, boys and men.

In Bria, 10,192 children and 104 teachers are among the beneficiaries of the project which will provide them with educational and recreational kits and classrooms in two emergency schools and four formal schools.

COOPI is also restoring Bria Community Network for Child Protection (RECOPE), which consists of 82 members, half of whom are women, and provides psychosocial support to more than 350 children. It will also monitor and report cases of child rights violations in Bria City and in the PK3 IDPs camp.

In addition to education activities, we are offering equal access to safe water and sanitation, as well as training communities on good hygiene practices.

The project is funded by: