The lines of Development 2022-2024, outlined by COOPI's Board of Directors and called "The Near Future", represent the natural continuation of the previous five-year strategy document, "Together we can make the world a better place".

The purpose of the new strategy document is not to give an exhaustive representation of COOPI's work, but to indicate lines of development and those strategic objectives that represent the elements on which the Foundation must focus more in the coming years, in order to continue a development path that goes beyond what is already consolidated, in terms of operations, intervention capacity and skills.

In practice, it is what COOPI must do “beyond” what normally happens in order to give effective responses to the fight against poverty, while growing in order to support an ever-increasing number of people.

This is why it is a streamlined document, which will integrate with the other documents that regulate or report on the work of the Foundation (from annual reports to policies and guidelines, to the various tools that allow us to know who we are, what we do and how we do it).

The concept that represents the glue of the work done here is the word “near”.

“Near” understood to be our neighbor when we talk about those living in conditions of fragility.

“Near” understood to be those who are closest to us and could find themselves in conditions of fragility, even if “far” from the typical first and third world logics, which for too long have limited the boundaries of cooperation.

And near interpreted as "near" future. What will happen or, even better, is already happening.


Cover image: ph. Antonio Piccoli