What We Do

At the frontline against poverty

COOPI works in the most vulnerable contexts, operating in emergency situations and development contexts.


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Within emergencies and within cooperation.

COOPI intervenes  in contexts of extreme poverty and socio-political or environmental vulnerability implementing the Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development (LRRD) approach. This gives COOPI the chance to provide sustainable and long-term responses, ensuring continuity between security, humanitarian aid and development.

Humanitarian emergencies

Thanks to the experience gained in various sectors and the ability to find innovative solutions, COOPI responds efficiently to urgent needs of water, food, humanitarian and social protection, education in emergency contexts.

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Cooperation to development

In the medium-long term, COOPI adopts an integrated multi-sectoral approach with interventions guaranteeing food security, water and hygiene, fighting against malnutrition, improving public health, increasing access to energy and reducing disaster risk. COOPI’s main goal is to reinforce the communities resilience, the ability to cope with shocks, stress and any future crises.

Regional Approach

COOPI carries out a new model of intervention in the devastated areas of the Middle East and the Lake Chad Basin: both regions have been struck by violence from the Syrian crisis and Boko Haram terrorists, thus the context requires a new multi-country approach. This allows us to react more efficiently to the humanitarian needs of the displaced and refugee communities, while promoting sustainable development in the long-term.

COOPI response to Lake Chad Basin regional crisis


For a future of equality

COOPI carries out both emergency humanitarian projects and multi-year development programs adopting an integrated multi-sector approach.