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Resources information system for disaster prevention and preparedness

The project, carried out in Peru in 2010, aimed at building a georeferenced database of essential resources for response and early recovery that would serve to predict an earthquake or a tsunamigenic event in the metropolitan area of Lima and Callao. The database and analysis of the abovementioned resources allows the institutions that use them to identify the priorities in terms of disaster prevention and preparedness.

The knowledge generated from the study permits a better preparedness in crisis management and, above all, provides a guide to optimize the relationship between the resources for emergency management and the needs that would arise for the population affected, which is the innovative element of the project. Furthermore, the use of a mapping server available on the web permits to reduce the risk of information loss in case of an extreme event as well as to access information from anywhere. Finally, the study by SIRAD has identifiedy a large number of resources whose systematization has increased the centralization of information and facilitated the access by the staff dealing with DRR.