What We Do

We provide assistance to Venezuelan families in transit in Peru

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Following the huge inflow of Venezuelan migrants to Peru – caused by the social and economic crisis in Venezuela from where millions of people fled in search for a better and more dignified life, COOPI provides assistance in the Binational Border Centre (CEBAF), to raise awareness about the importance of personal hygiene for children, girls and their parents, with the support of UNICEF. In addition, COOPI also contributes to the safe transit of vulnerable groups at the northern border of Peru.

COOPI project entitled "Supporting migrant children and their families in vulnerable conditions in the North of the country to preserve their state of health" ensures safe care for Venezuelan children and their families crossing the border between Ecuador and Peru, who are later assisted at the CEBAF, near Tumbes, northern Peru.

The project aims on the one hand to inform families about what will happen next during their journey to other cities in the country and on the other hand to advise them on priorities during their daily routine that are essential to safeguard their health, such as personal hygiene, by organising awareness sessions, distributing hygiene kits for adults and children and allowing people to use showers in the CEBAF.

Since September 2018, more than 10,000 families (31,558 individuals) have benefited from the distribution of personal hygiene kits, while more than 10,000 people have received general information on best practices of personal hygiene to reduce exposure to health risks, during their journey.

The project is funded by: