7 stories to change the world
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18-05-2017 | di COOPI

7 stories to change the world

For the next G7 in Taormina on 26th -27th of May, GCAP Italia organized an event on Thursday 25th from 09.00 to 12.30, at Hotel Sant'Alphio, in Recanati at Giardini Naxos, where it will be located the summit media center. The event, titled G7 apri le orecchie - 7 storie per cambiare il mondo (7 stories to change the world), will be revolving around the number 7: seven testimonials, mainly from Southern countries, bringing their messages and experiences.

Seven testimonials for seven issues: women's rights; human mobility; nutrition; food security; inequalities; global health; education. Lella Costa will be drive us from a story to another, following the path of G7 responsibilities on decisions that impact on the whole humanity and the future of the Planet.

Complete the registration form: https://goo.gl/forms/TkhrCfVhNVenzT3n2


Info: Veronica Boggini - Policy Officer

Tel. 06 45 200 528 email veronica.boggini@actionaid.org

Media: Serena Carta - Ufficio Stampa GCAP

Tel. 340 9095533 email stampa@gcap.it


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