Chad. Trainings to improve psychosocial care in Bol
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23-05-2024 | di COOPI

Chad. Trainings to improve psychosocial care in Bol

From March 4 to 8, 2024, COOPI-International Cooperation organized a workshop on psychosocial and psychological well-being in Bol, Chad, in order to raise awareness and strengthen the capacities of local actors in this crucial area. In fact, the emergency situation in Lake Chad Province, shaken by constant military attacks that lead the population to flee, generates a great need for psychological support, especially among minors, victims of violence and exploitation.

To address this need, COOPI conducted the training workshop “Building the capacities of local actors in the field of psychosocial and psychological care and well-being”, as part of the project “Inclusive and quality response to the educational needs of the most vulnerable children and youth affected by the crisis in Lake Chad,” funded by European Humanitarian Aid. The workshop was attended by 24 representatives from the education sector, early childhood protection service and health sector, as well as other organizations involved in psychosocial protection.

The training was conducted by an international consultant, with the aim of improving psychosocial and psychological care practices at the individual and community levels, particularly for young students who have experienced traumatic events that have caused them learning disabilities

Lac's provincial delegate for national education and civil promotion praised the support of COOPI and the European Union's Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO): 

this training will help provide an appropriate response to children and adolescents in need, greatly improving their learning." 

Since August 2022, thanks to European Humanitarian Aid, COOPI's project has been raising awareness in the community not only about the importance of psychosocial well-being, but also about inclusion, social cohesion, peaceful cohabitation, child protection, gender-based violence, and schooling for boys and girls. In addition, the project is committed to improving children's access to inclusive and quality learning opportunities in an environment that ensures their physical and emotional safety

COOPI has been working in Chad since 1976, intervening with a multi-sectoral approach. In the Lac and N'Djamena regions, it provides emergency education for internally displaced children and local communities, offers psychosocial support to victims of trauma, and promotes peacebuilding, with a particular focus on women's empowerment, gender-based violence and discrimination, and conflict prevention.