Ecuador. Inauguration of the Municipal Center Ciudadanos Integrados in collaboration with the Municipality of Guayaquil
10-07-2024 | di COOPI

Ecuador. Inauguration of the Municipal Center Ciudadanos Integrados in collaboration with the Municipality of Guayaquil

On June 20th 2024, COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale, as a partner of the Citizen Municipality of Guayaquil, inaugurated the "Municipal Center Ciudadanos Integrados", with fundings from the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA) on behalf of its sponsored project, the Mayors Migration Council. The ceremony was led by Deputy Mayor Blanca López, who emphasized that the main goal of this project is to benefit 1,000 vulnerable people in the first three months, providing them with access to a variety of essential services.

Among the services that the center will provide are access to safe drinking water, outpatient medical care, legal advice, psychological support, internet connection, and various services provided by relevant NGOs. Additionally, the project includes the creation of safe spaces for children, such as breastfeeding areas and play spaces, ensuring an environment conducive to their development. Specialized municipal services will also be facilitated, coordinated with the different departments or entities linked to the center, thus guaranteeing comprehensive and personalized care for each beneficiary.

The inauguration was attended by the Deputy Mayor, council members, various municipal departments, representatives of United Nations agencies, international cooperatives, NGOs, the consular corps, civil society organizations, migrant associations, community leaders, and other key stakeholders who strengthen the social fabric of the city. The ribbon-cutting was performed by representatives of the Guayaquil Human Mobility Advisory Council, along with the Deputy Mayor, and the COOPI Country Representative, Belén Ramos.

This event marks an important milestone for Guayaquil and Ecuador, as it is the first center to serve migrants, refugees, returned Ecuadorians, internally displaced persons, and the vulnerable community of the city, driven by the mayor's initiative. With this center, the aim is to significantly improve the quality of life for thousands of people and strengthen social cohesion in the city.

COOPI has been working in Ecuador since 1967 carrying out development projects to contribute to the fight against poverty and responding to emergencies, adhering to the principles of human rights, gender, interculturality, and governance. Projects have tackled areas of intervention like housing, protection, water and sanitation, socio-economic inclusion, including the response to the Covid-19 pandemic emergency, but also supporting small artisan businesses.