Pandemic, cooperation and the right to global health
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20-06-2022 | di COOPI

Pandemic, cooperation and the right to global health

The Italian Global Health Network, of which COOPI is a member, Aidos and Friends of the Global Fund Europe will present the policy paper 'Learning the lessons, preventing and dealing with future pandemics to ensure global health' on 22 June at 1pm, in Piazza Madama in Rome in the Sala Caduti di Nassirya.

The paper analyses the international community's response to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Faced with the inability to foresee, prepare for and respond effectively to pandemics, it is necessary to propose effective solutions in order to prepared for upcoming health and social emergencies.

The report contains testimonies from the field and an examination of the tools that need to be strongly supported, from the role of the WHO as the coordinating organisation of the global health architecture to the refinancing of the Global Fund, the main multilateral donor for strengthening health and community systems, and committed to the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

The moderator will be Vincenzo Giardina, journalist for Agenzia Dire. Alessandro Alfieri, Senator of Partito Democratico will be in charge of the introduction. 
Afterwards, speakers will be: 

  • Marina Sereni - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation 
  • Stefano Vella - Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore and Friends of the Global Fund Europe 
  • Stefania Burbo - Italian Global Health Network 
  • Dianne Stewart - Head of External Relations and Communications and Donor Relations, Global Fund

You are kindly requested to notify your participation by sending an email to by 20 June, as the room that will host the event has a maximum capacity of 40 people.

It will also be possible to follow the event online via live streaming on and on the Italian Senate's YouTube channel.