Presentation of the Report
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03-11-2016 | di COOPI

Presentation of the Report

On the 16th of November 2016 from 10.00 to 13.30, at the Congress Center of the Hotel Forum in Via Tor de' Conti in Rome, the report ?The Value of Aid. Resources to answer humanitarian emergencies? is presented. The presentation intends to demonstrate the amount and the movement of humanitarian aid at a global and national level, valuating future prospects by analyzing on-going trends.

The day is to begin with a warm welcoming of the President of AGIRE, Shelley SANDALL. Subsequently, the Director of the DIRPOLIS Institute (Rights, Politics, Development), Andrea DE GUTTRY, and the Director DGCS, Pietro SEBASTIANI, are to present the report. It was written for the second consecutive year in collaboration with the High School of Graduate and Advanced Studies S. Anna of Pisa. In particular, it was developed with the director and the research workers of the DIRPOLIS Institute. Data and statistics are compared to public and private resources and the role of institutions, International bodies, NGOs, companies and individuals in responding to humanitarian needs are highlighted.

The round table ?Which humanitarian principles?? moderated by Luca Mattiucci of Corriere della Sera, will be an opportunity for NGO representatives, associations and institutions to exchange ideas upon the fragility of basic humanitarian principles within contemporary contexts of crises: the principle of impartiality and the cities and towns in state of siege in Syria,  the bombings of hospitals and the violation  of humanitarian space, the free movement's construction of walls in Europe, the right of asylum. Particular attention will be given to Italy's situation, the crossroads of the migratory flows and its particular role in Europe.

Moreover, during the entire day bookings for the photographic exhibition ?The Journey to Humanity ? Unlocked? edited by Hurya Lab, in collaboration with Open Migration and Cild, will be open.

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