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Disaster risk management and social inclusion

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The National Policy for the Management and Reduction of Natural Disaster Risk of the Republic of Paraguay as well as the recent Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction stress the need to include and protect the most vulnerable groups in the risk management cycle.

To date, protocols or agendas concerning strategic plans and actions have not yet been drawn up in this regard. This is why, since 2018, COOPI has been collaborating with the NGO Humanity & Inclusion, a member of Handicap International, for the project "Inclusive Disaster Risk Management".

Funded by OFDA - Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, it aims to improve and disseminate inclusive risk management in 6 Latin American countries (Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua), and to strengthen the protection and resilience of the most vulnerable groups, before, during and after natural disasters.

COOPI also assists local civil society organizations and government institutions, who constituted an IDRM Roundtable aimed at increasing their knowledge about Risk Management and Inclusion, as well as the inter-institutional and joint lobbying capacities, both at the national level and participating in regional platforms

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