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Fighting poverty in Milan

The number of Italians living in poverty has seen a significant increase in the last years, climbing in 2015 to roughly 5 million of people in absolute poverty and about 8 in relative poverty.

COOPI operates in partnership with Banco Alimentare (an Italian national food bank network) in the project “Fighting poverty” to provide people in need with staple, non-perishable food such as pasta and rice, and occasionally also with fresh products and assorted comfort items.
Such aid is available for families either by proving that their yearly income is less than 6,000 euros or after a house visit to assess their living conditions. Food is home delivered every 25 days in multiple areas of Milan (with a higher concentration in zones 7 and 8), in the city suburbs and close to Varese. 

Project beneficiaries are currently estimated at 500 in 140 families, 67% of which are foreign and composed of two young parents with small children or teenagers, whose numbers varies between 2 and 7. However, there is no shortage of older people in need, both couples and single.

“Fightning poverty” carries on the humanitarian aid provided in Milan by Father Vincenzo Barbieri, founder of COOPI, then undertaken by the Organization after his passing.

In collaboration with:

Banco Alimentare