What We Do

Restoring access to essential goods and services

In Somalia, within a multidonor program started in 2012, with the aim of restoring access to food and wash services, COOPI implemented a set of measures based on cash injection commonly referred to as 'Cash Based Responses' (CBRs).

Specifically, the organization contributed to enhance food security for most vulnerable households by realizing:

- provision of food vouchers to 15,000 households in nutritional emergency; such vouchers allowed beneficiaries to access food items as cereals, vegetable oil and sugar to meet the minimum energy requirement (2,100Kcal/person/day). The same households accessed 6,6 l/p/d of potable water through voucher system during the extended dry season;

- cash distribution conditioned to the completion of specified work (Cash for Work) targeting the abovementioned beneficiaries with the aim of increasing their purchasing power. Money compensation was given in exchange of participation in activities as river bank protection, rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructure, roads construction, etc.;

- provision of agricultural inputs through voucher system to 7,000 households in Middle Juba, Gedo and Bay regions. Base inputs to be provided included crop and fodder seeds, as well as irrigation inputs (pump hire and fuel).