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Nutrition Security

 Nutrition Security

We ensure nutrition security and FIGHT child malnutrition

For COOPI, ensuring nutritional security means reducing the malnutrition rate in a sustainable way, maintaining an integrated approach that focuses on specific individuals, communities and institutions.

We support the communities we work with, providing mother-child health services, incorporating water and hygiene aspects, and bolstering the capacities of the local people to gain physical and economic access to food of adequate quality and in adequate quantities. In particular, our actions focus on the prevention and treatment of acute malnutrition in children under 5, and in pregnant and nursing women. COOPI adopts the so-called “1000 days” approach, ensuring adequate nutrition and medical supplements for pregnant and nursing women, and encouraging breastfeeding of the baby up to the age of six months. In order to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the action, our interventions are based on a participatory community approach which sees the involvement and strengthening of the main health institutions and structures (at a national and local level) and of the communities with which we cooperate.

COOPI’s actions are based on a detailed analysis of needs, which helps us fight against the structural causes of malnutrition. Moreover, thanks to the partnership with specialized research centres, we promote research-action and support intervention strategies with specific studies capable of influencing the local decision-making policies and behaviours of the communities.

Please note: the data on this page refer to the last Annual Report.