Venezuela. "Libres de Trata", The Podcast: an initiative by the Consortium for Humanitarian Assistance aiming to prevent Human Trafficking
09-05-2024 | di COOPI

Venezuela. "Libres de Trata", The Podcast: an initiative by the Consortium for Humanitarian Assistance aiming to prevent Human Trafficking

In the framework of the human trafficking prevention campaign, as part of the multisectoral project "Humanitarian assistance to respond to the urgent needs of the most vulnerable population in Venezuela", the Consortium for Humanitarian Assistance in Venezuela (CONAHVE), led by COOPI - Cooperazione Internazionale presents its latest project: "Libres de Trata”, the podcast. Supported by all 12 organizations of CONAHVE, this joint effort aims to raise awareness and prevent human trafficking in Venezuela, especially among children, adolescents, and women aged 13 to 35.

More than just a podcast, "Libres de Trata" serves as a platform for both awareness-raising and actionable solutions. Each episode offers expert analysis and practical strategies to address the widespread issue of human trafficking, shedding light on its various forms and its intersectionality. The podcast not only showcases the resilience of survivors but also underscores the critical role of individuals and organizations in prevention and support efforts.

As part of the campaign, various experts on the topic of human trafficking have been asked to participate in the podcast, to help us understand this serious crime that affects us worldwide. In total, as of May 10th 2024, four episodes have been streamed, which are available on Youtube Libres de Trata Channel.

With discussions spanning gender, LGBTQI+ issues, and human mobility, "Libres de Trata” delves into the complexities of this global problem, fostering a deeper understanding of its societal impacts. Built on collaboration with international partners and local communities, this project is part of a larger initiative to promote awareness, solidarity, and tangible measures to combat human trafficking, with co-funding from the European Humanitarian Aid (ECHO).

The project is aimed at providing a comprehensive response to the protection and health needs of vulnerable groups such as victims of trafficking and survivors of gender-based violence (GBV). Through a collaborative effort with local partners like Tinta Violeta and PLAFAM, the project integrates protection and Sexual and Reproductive Health services and establishes safe spaces, delivers essential services, and empowers communities in their protection journey. Most affected and at-risk persons, with special emphasis on victims of gender-based violence and of trafficking, have improved access to comprehensive protection and to Health care and Sexual and Reproductive Health services.

Since 2019, COOPI has established a physical presence in Venezuela to assist the local population following the worsening of the country's socio-economic crisis. Over the years, COOPI has grown and currently implements projects with different donors in Caracas, Lara, Carabobo, Anzoátegui, Sucre and Delta Amacuro covering the sectors of protection (GBV, Child Protection and Trafficking), WASH, shelter, school feeding and SRH.