What We Do

Ecosystems protection and indigenous communities development

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COOPI develops a coordinated action at regional level to preserve the ecosystems and environmental features of the American Gran Chaco in Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina, in collaboration with five civil society organizations specialized in eco-sustainable rural development.

The three-year project aims to develop and disseminate agro-silvo-pastoral production models to enhance indigenous natural resources, promote eco-tourism, traditional crafts, agro-ecology and the production of medicinal plants for the local market.

In Paraguay, we are focusing on the pantanal area – rich in biodiversity, but exposed to strong pressure from human activities. As a consequence, many indigenous communities are relying on scarce income opportunities and limited access to basic services.

The conservation of ecosystems is essential given their value to the local populations. We are therefore involving sub-national, municipal and community authorities, primarily women and indigenous population, to stimulate their capacity to generate regulatory proposals and public policies.

The project is funded by: