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After Sudan embarked on the path of political transition, humanitarian needs continue to grow across the country. These needs are primarily driven by poverty, conflict and climate change, and are exacerbated by decades-long underdevelopment.

On April 15, 2023, the conflict between the Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces erupted. As of June 2023, more than 1,400,000 people have fled the capital Khartoum in the direction of safer places, such as Gedaref in the east of the country, on the border with Ethiopia or in Chad, on the border with Darfur, places where COOPI-International Cooperation is providing humanitarian assistance to 35,000 people in extreme need, mainly women and children.

The conflict has shattered an already precarious system, characterized by poverty, conflict, climate change and exacerbated by decades of underdevelopment, where 13.5 million people were already in need of humanitarian assistance in 2021.

COOPI has been present in Sudan since 2004, supporting the most vulnerable groups (internally displaced persons, returnees, refugees, and host communities) residing in the states of North Darfur, Kassala, and Khartoum, through Food Security/Livelihood and WASH Disaster Risk Reduction (RRD) and Protection (Shelter/No Food Items) interventions. Today it is actively involved in responding to this new major emergency.


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HDI - Human Development Index

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2020

39% %

Illiteracy rate (% adults aged 15 and older)

Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics 2018

12.4 %

Rate of malnutrition

Source: Global Nutrition Report 2021

0 %

Rate of population living below poverty line

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2020



Source: COOPI Annual report 2022


Source: COOPI Annual report 2022


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Source: COOPI Annual report 2022


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Source: COOPI Annual report 2022


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