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Since 1999, COOPI has been present in Malawi, specialising in disaster risk reduction, food security and energy.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has supported the response as the leader of a strong NGO consortium, implementing an integrated response through platforms for health service delivery and disaster risk management, supporting the roll-out of vaccines in four high-risk districts and in host communities surrounding the Dzaleka refugee camp, with the aim of leaving no one behind.

The efforts of these operations focused on helping national and district health authorities and communities to detect the problem quickly and respond effectively. The project improved Covid-19 prevention practices, such as social distancing, frequent hand washing and use of protective equipment, by training community and government frontline workers in 48 health centres, building community action plans and improving national and district level coordination in the health emergency response.

As a result, COOPI has countered misinformation about health care and increased demand for and uptake of life-saving vaccines. Activities implemented through this consortium will continue to strengthen community awareness and adherence to Covid-19 prevention practices, as well as national and local capacities to effectively resist and respond to the pandemic.

Since January 2022, COOPI has also started first aid operations and immediate response to the emergency caused by the passage of Cyclone Ana in the southern part of the State, particularly in the districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje, where it is present with its projects. An extraordinary appeal has been launched to help the most affected communities and support the delivery of medical and consumer goods.


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HDI - Human Development Index

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2020

38% %

Illiteracy rate (% adults aged 15 and older)

Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics 2015

18.8 %

Rate of malnutrition

Source: Global Nutrition Report 2021

0 %

Rate of population living below poverty line

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2020



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Source: COOPI Annual report 2022


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Source: COOPI Annual report 2022


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