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The collapse of oil prices has made the economy of Chad come to a halt. As recurrent droughts expose the population to acute vulnerability, particularly from a nutritional point of view, once again, the country finds itself in a situation of essentially relying upon agriculture and sheep farming. Additionally, the large influx of refugees from Sudan, RCA and Cameroon (about 30.000), continues to complicate the situation.

COOPI’s presence in the country, which dates back to 1994, allows us to fully understand the problems that affect the country. Nowadays we provide assistance to refugees/IDPs and to members of the native population; we take care of children affected by malnutrition; we reinforce basic educational structures, as well as providing psychological support where traumas have been experienced.

We support single childcare centres, providing training related to the centre’s management, staff training regarding psychosocial support, promoting public events about children’s rights and child labour. To improve the living conditions of rural populations and respond to chronic food insecurity, we invest in resilience interventions that allow the population to overcome traumatic experiences caused by the lack of means of subsistence.


0 /189

HDI - Human Development Index

77,7% %

Illiteracy rate (% adults aged 15 and older)

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2018

39.8 %

Rate of moderate/severe child malnutrition

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2018

0 %

Rate of population living below poverty line

Source: UNDP - 2018 Global Multidimensional Poverty Index



Source: COOPI Annual report 2018


Source: COOPI Annual report 2018


Internazional staff
Source: COOPI Annual report 2018


Local staff
Source: COOPI Annual report 2018


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